Sell Annuity Payment, Good or Bad Choice?

Feb 8, 2013

Sell Annuity Payment, Good or Bad Choice?

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Having good annuity with structured payments certainly be one of the good form of investment. Receiving cash reward investment returns on a monthly or between a certain time period can be a fun especially when you have retired. But life was not as beautiful as we had hoped. There are times when you are faced with a situation where you need cash immediately. Then if there is an instant way to make money fast?

Are you able to sell annuities? is it good or bad choice?

To answer it all, of course, we return it to you fully. Because your choice will determine how your investment is. Selling ​​annuity is something that is possible and legitimate. Is a way to sell it back to the company or individual, all of which can be done. However, selling annuity payment is certainly not recommended, and is a poor choice if your financial situation is not desperate. Or you're not in a hurry to have a large amount of cash. Because by selling annuities you have, it will break the chain of investments that you build up. Especially if the annuity payment that you have are going not so long ago.

Then, when selling annuity payments is the right choice?

There are several common reasons for this, but all of them of course because of the need for urgent and problematic to be resolved. For example, maybe this time you are in need of a large amount of money to finance your child when he/she will go to college, or you need to pay for your wife's hospital which is not cheap, or it could be because of the reason, you are no longer able to continue to pay your annuity. So in a situation like this, selling annuity payments can be a good option for you. It is quite reasonable considering many people who sell their annuity for purposes that are urgent. And for whatever reason, sell structured annuity payments at a time like this can prove that this is a pretty good investment.

So the conclusion is, if your condition does not really need a big cash, you should consider to maintain your annuity. Because annuities are long term investments that you will only feel the benefits after all these years. But if you are faced with an urgent situation so it does not hurt to sell your annuity payments. However, before you sell it try to note some key points below:

Is selling your annuity payments and get a good return guaranteed by the buyer or not?
This is very important when you decide to sell a portion or portions of your annuity. And when you are not in a desperate condition, you would like to continue your investment forward. Study the prospective buyer or the company policy where you will be selling. What is the process of return, are there pieces or other fees, and if you still can enjoy the results of your investment in the future.

Is selling a structured annuity payments that you have will help to achieve the financial goals that you need?
Before you sell your annuity you have, it is better you check the value of the investment return you can dilute the value of the investments you have. Whether the funds are disbursed to cover your needs?

Is the level of investment interest rates higher or lower than when the initial investment is made?
Please consult with your financial agent to check the interest rates.

Finally, if you are going to sell annuity payments as a whole or just some parts.
Adjust your needs, whether simply by selling a portion of your annuity or whole.

While sales of annuity payments, certain costs imposed on payments made by the purchaser annuity. However, some experienced and reputable companies do not charge you anything and rather ensure that the full value of the annuity payments are paid promptly.

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