Mar 5, 2013

Apple iWatch Planned Release End of 2013

Apple iWatch, smart watches that will support Apple iOS operating system is planned to be present at the end of 2013.

Apple’s Smart watch certainly is not just a rumor. Apple is targeting the launch of this smart watch at the end of 2013. Until now, Apple is said still having problems with the battery resistance.

Cause of Breast Growth Slow

Cause of breast growth slowly in young woman body especially when she is approaching puberty.

Since puberty, breast growth in women body is generally faster. But also many cases in which women experience a growth slowdown. Medically, many factors can impede growth. Ranging from lack of hormones, habits of dressing or also due to heredity. So how does the actual process of breast growth by medical experts?

Mar 4, 2013

A Homeless to be a millionaire because honesty

Billy Ray Harris suddenly became a millionaire since returning an engagement ring from a woman. Because of this honesty, Billy rewarded with money worth 145,000 U.S. dollars.

Billy Ray Harris honest homeless guy

Kansas City - It seems that the value of honesty has not and will never be lost to us all. Although it is very difficult to find honest people around us now, especially from the people who really need money, but this has been disputed by Billy Ray Harris, a honest homeless man.

Toyota i-Road Concept, Motorcycles Combined with Car

Toyota i-Road Concept, the Three-Wheel micro car has revealed.

toyota i-Road concept

Toyota i-Road Concept, Perhaps this concept car design is quite strange to you, but Toyota dared to create something radical in their latest concept.

New iPhone 5S Release Date

The New iPhone 5S Release Date Rumor on August 2013

New iPhone 5S Release Date

As the leader of the smartphone market with the greatest fans in the world, any news about a new product launch from Apple certainly will be in focus and the long-awaited news. Likewise with rumors these past few days. Reportedly from various gadget sites, that they received information from some insider who said the scheduled launch of the iPhone successor family and its technology will be the end of this summer.