Eliminate Stretch Marks with These Tips

Feb 11, 2013

Eliminate Stretch Marks with These Tips

Strokes that occur in the body after experiencing excessive stretching of the skin or known as stretch marks are experienced by most pregnant women, and one thing that is hard to avoid.

What is Stretch Mark?

Stretch marks appear initially as red lines and then slowly fade to a pale white color for several months. Although stretch marks are not detrimental to health, but the form of visible scarring on the skin interfere with the appearance of most women.

Cause of Stretch Mark

When gestational age was 12 weeks, pregnant women may be able to see the increasingly prominent belly. This happened at first because of the organ in the abdominal area to create space for the content. At week 26 there is a little obtrusive, but thereafter will grow very quickly.

Stomach will swell faster than the speed of skin stretch. Often feel stomach becomes itchy and the skin feels stretched. It can cause skin stretch marks (stretch marks).

Various ways might you have done to get rid of stretch marks, but it seems to be a futile effort. Indeed, stretch marks are very difficult to remove, none best way to prevent stretch marks appear on the skin. Here are some healthy habits that can prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Tips to reduce stretch marks

To keep the skin elastic and reduce the stretch mark effects, consider the following tips:
  1. Make sure the skin is warm and the blood flow to the area well with warm water bath and perform body scrubs. 
  2. Pinch the skin with a slightly upward direction. Maybe a bit feels less fun, if difficult to do yourself, could you please ask your partner or anyone else to help.
  3. Perform a gently massage around the stomach.
  4. Once all of the massage is complete, gently rub the stomach with a gentle skin moisturizer, like baby oil. 
  5. Perform this ritual on a regular basis, preferably repeated every day.
In addition to the above treatment, here are some steps that can help you to deliver maximum results to remove stretch marks.
  • Consuming a minimum of eight glasses of water a day can help the skin supple and prevent stretch marks.
  • Reduce caffeine consumption.
  • Massage the skin with grated young coconut.
  • Upon delivery, avoid rapid weight loss.
  • Keeping the skin moist with lotion or cream that suits your skin type.
  • Stretching every morning routine.
  • Many foods made from whole grains, fruits, vegetables are rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals.
  • Consuming foods with rich in vitamin A, E, and C such as carrots, milk and eggs.
Of course there are quick ways to get rid of stretch marks, and it is laser surgery. These include minor surgery and it is not harmful, but not all strokes will be lost, depending on how severe your skin stretched. But please be sure to make consultation with your family before you choose this step.

Conclusion: Generally, the lightest treatment of stretch marks is by using a lotion cream. If it is long established and being white it can be done with any other treatment. However, there is no treatment that will make it smooth again as before.

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