Apple iWatch Planned Release End of 2013

Mar 5, 2013

Apple iWatch Planned Release End of 2013

Apple iWatch, smart watches that will support Apple iOS operating system is planned to be present at the end of 2013.

Apple’s Smart watch certainly is not just a rumor. Apple is targeting the launch of this smart watch at the end of 2013. Until now, Apple is said still having problems with the battery resistance.
As we quoted from TheVerge, after a full charge, this smart watches prototype can only survive for only a few hours. While Apple want iWatch to perform last longer, at least 4 to 5 hours of normal use.

Apple's move to delay the iWatch launch by sharpening the reliability of battery life was considered a very appropriate step. Due to a gadget that is used (in the wrist) the reliability of the battery is the main feature. It feels very uncomfortable if a watch must be removed and in-charge every few hours in a day.

The choice of iOS as the operating system of this smart watch also a bright idea. The using of an operating system in a watch would be interesting though not surprising. Given there are many other gadgets are adopting this way. However, what Apple iWatch offer will certainly anticipated by the fans.

Previously, Apple had used a mobile OS like iOS on the sixth-generation iPod nano, which was released in 2010. The rationale for this OS because it is lighter and simpler, although it has some limitations when compared to iOS.

If the news is accurate, the decision to use iOS on iWatch will benefit Apple, developers, and of course users. IOS applications on the iPhone and iPad do not need to be rebuilt from scratch to be used in the iWatch. Just build an app and a bit of adjustment then the application will be able to run or even interact with several Apple’s devices.

TheVerge also said Apple has a big job to do in terms of building the right groove for the transfer of information and notifications between the iPhone and the iWatch.

Apple also noted to release their latest iPhone 5S on around August 2013.

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